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Etymology. The word mancala (Arabic: مِنْقَلَة ‎, romanized: minqalah) is a tool noun derived from an Arabic root naqala meaning "to move". No one game exists with the name mancala; the name is a classification or type of game. The origins of an organised game of football known today as Australian rules football can be traced back to 1858 in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria. In July 1858, Tom Wills , an Australian-born cricketer educated at Rugby School in England, wrote a letter to Bell's Life in Victoria & Sporting Chronicle , calling for a "foot-ball club The answers to all these questions lie in the study of etymology. This concerns the roots of words and how the sounds and spellings, as well as the meanings, have evolved over time.

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This “gam” is thought to be a dialectical variant of the familiar English word “game,” probably drawn from the playful behavior of a group of whales. All of which brings us to the third kind of “gams,” slang for a woman’s legs, especially if regarded as attractive. From Italian gamba (“leg”). (slang) A person's leg, especially an attractive woman's leg. Uncertain but surely formed within English; etymons may include game or gammon. Collective noun used to refer to a group of whales, or rarely also of porpoises; a pod.

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Gam etymology

Svenska orderna i Bielaruska språket - Forum

Gam etymology

= btr. *gana sv.

Gam etymology

gambrini,  The etymology of the word gamban- is still controversial. It has been connected with OE fltt-suflix denoting an abstract idea ("magic power") as in gam- an "joy.
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Oviss etymologi (SOHä 2:2 s. 265 f.).

Types of fågel.
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20 Jul 2004 GAME 18th century, The etymology of 'game' (lame) and its bad leg, the 'game' here probably from the English dialect 'gam' or 'gammy,' both  gam ani. Definitions. "me, too". Example Sentences. Student one: "I'm tired and hungry." Student two: "Gam ani." (An instant message Etymology.